Faret shines at the 134th Canton Fair - Focusing on global cooperation, creating a brilliant future!

2023-12-18 15:16:00   


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Faret shines at the 134th Canton Fair

时间:2023年10月15 -19日

DATE:October 15th-19th,2023

展 位 号:9.3A15-16 B09-10

Faret Booth:9.3A15-16 B09-10


Guangzhou International Exhibition Center

On October 15, 2023, the much-anticipated 134th Canton Fair will officially kick off. On the first day of the exhibition, the Faret booth attracted a large number of professional customers, these professional merchants from all over the world, have expressed their high recognition of Faret's products and technology, and the on-site negotiation and exchange atmosphere is strong, showing a dynamic and opportunities of international trade scene.

The Faret booth welcomes visitors from all over the world

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In the in-depth communication with customers, Faret fully demonstrated the professionalism and innovation of its products, and provided merchants with a full range of solutions and business negotiation opportunities. Faret deeply understands the needs of various markets, closely follows the development of the international market, and strives to build a broader cooperation platform.

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Faret booth welcomed many customers and friends! The on-site staff service is warm and thoughtful, patient and meticulous, highlighting Faret's polar radiator, to meet the needs of our customers and friends. We will accurately grasp the pulse of the market, innovation and change, and effectively meet customer needs, with efficient execution and excellent marketing and service, make friends with the world, and benefit the world!

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At the 134th Canton Fair, Faret also highlighted its new energy liquid cooling thermal management system. This system highlights Faret's continued investment and focus in technology development. Through continuous technological innovation, Faret has promoted the further development of the new energy field with a sound research and development background, laying a solid foundation for the promotion and application of renewable energy around the world.



With the recovery of the global economy and the increasingly active market, Faret takes advantage of this international exhibition platform to strengthen its close ties with global partners and jointly build a sustainable future.

愿   景:成为全球智能低碳热管理系统领跑者

使   命:提供智能低碳热管理系统解决方案,超越客户期待,成就员工事业,承担社会责 任共创美好生活。



The Canton Fair will last until October 19, Faret Booth No. : 9.3 Hall A15-16 B09-10 Looking forward to your visit!

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