Faret Group won the title of "Ten high-growth smes in Panyu District"

2023-12-18 13:58:11   


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On August 23, the ninth Council of Panyu Manufacturers Chamber of Commerce held its inauguration ceremony and entrepreneur activities. The government and enterprises gathered together, with one heart and one mind, and concentrated their efforts to seek common development. Chen Li, second-level inspector of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, Zhu Hongbing, second-level researcher of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Panyu District leaders Huang Biao, Xu Yong, Qin Haishen, Mai Jiping, Deng Yaoqi, Zhang Enming, Tang Liming, Deng Zhanpeng, Xia Jian, Jiang Xinjuan, Jin Danhua, etc., provincial and municipal enterprise Federation and representatives of Panyu District Town Street, Faret Group and many other outstanding enterprises attended the inauguration ceremony.

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Mr. Zhang Jianfa, Chairman of Faret Group (2nd from right)

Faret Group won the title of "Ten high-growth smes in Panyu District"

At the ceremony, in order to recognize and encourage those enterprises and entrepreneurs who have excelled in their respective fields, Panyu Manufacturers' Chamber of Commerce presented the "Four Top Ten" enterprises and new entrepreneurs awards. Because of its excellent technology research and development in the field of automotive and new energy thermal management and unremitting fighting spirit, Fareta Group won the honor of "Ten high-growth smes in Panyu District".

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Mr. Zhang Jianfa, Chairman of Faret Group, took the stage to accept the award (right 5)

The selection campaign aims to identify and recognize smes with rapid growth and innovative potential in different industries to further promote the economic prosperity and sustainable development of Panyu District. Faret's large-scale R&D investment in recent years has significantly improved its technological R&D and innovation capabilities in the field of automotive thermal management, which has been supported and affirmed by the Panyu District Government.

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Faret Group won the title of "Ten high-growth smes in Panyu District"

The Faret Group has been in the field of thermal management for more than 20 years and has always been committed to bringing stable and reliable thermal management solutions to customers around the world. Through unremitting technological innovation and continuous pursuit of quality, we have been widely recognized and supported by all walks of life.

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Faret Group will rapidly transform and upgrade, keep up with the pulse of The Times of innovation and high-quality development, take service as the core, take technology as the driving force, adhere to customer demand-oriented to increase R&D investment in core technology fields, and contribute to promoting the high-quality development of industrial economy.

愿   景:成为全球智能低碳热管理系统领跑者

使   命:提供智能低碳热管理系统解决方案,超越客户期待,成就员工事业,承担社会责 任共创美好生活。


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